Letter from the MiniReview Editors
Paraquat-Induced Membrane Dysfunction in Pulmonary Microvascular Endothelial Cells
The Preservatives Ethyl-, Propyl- and Butylparaben are Oestrogenic in an in vivo Fish Assay
Ceramides that Mediate Apoptosis Reduce Glucose Uptake and Transporter Affinity for Glucose in Human Leukaemic Cell Lines but Not in Neutrophils
Minimal Toxicity to Myeloid Progenitor Cells of Weekly 24-Hr Infusion of High-Dose 5-Fluorouracil: Direct Evidence from Colony Forming Unit-Granulocyte and Monocyte (CFU-GM) Clonogenic Assay
Hypotensive Activity of the Pineal Indoleamine Hormones Melatonin, 5-Methoxytryptophol and 5-Methoxytryptamine
Evaluation of Flutamide Genotoxicity in Rats and in Primary Human Hepatocytes
Effects of Various Aluminium Compounds Given Orally to Mice on Al Tissue Distribution and Tissue Concentrations of Essential Elements
Nitric Oxide Protects Murine Embryonic Liver Cells (BNL CL.2) from Cytotoxicity Induced by Glucose Deprivation
Involvement of CYP3A4 in the Metabolism of Bromperidol in vitro