Selection of solid-state forms: challenges, opportunities, lessons learned and adventures from recent years
The solid-state continuum: a perspective on the interrelationships between different solid-state forms in drug substance and drug product
The determination of crystal structures of active pharmaceutical ingredients from X-ray powder diffraction data: a brief, practical introduction, with fexofenadine hydrochloride as example
Integration of active pharmaceutical ingredient solid form selection and particle engineering into drug product design
Solubility prediction, solvate and cocrystal screening as tools for rational crystal engineering
An evaluation of salt screening methodologies
Crystal forms of the hydrogen oxalate salt of o-desmethylvenlafaxine
New forms of old drugs: improving without changing
Low solubility in drug development: de-convoluting the relative importance of solvation and crystal packing
The integration of solid-form informatics into solid-form selection
Solubility of chiral species as function of the enantiomeric excess