Oral bioavailability of phenobarbital: a comparison of a solution in myvacet 9-08, a suspension, and a tablet

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PurposeA three-way crossover study with seven healthy male volunteers was conducted to determine the relative bioavailability of phenobarbital after single dose administration of 100 mg of phenobarbital as oral solution in Myvacet 9-08, and as a suspension, compared with a 100 mg phenobarbital tablet.Materials and methodsAt 4-week intervals each subject received the solution in Myvacet 9-08, the suspension and the tablet in randomized order. Blood samples were collected for 48 h after each dose for analysis of phenobarbital. From the individual serum concentration-versus-time curves Cmaxand Tmax were determined and AUC0-48 was calculated.ResultsAll three oral dosage forms of phenobarbital are bioequivalent. No significant diffences in Tmaxwere observed.ConclusionThe oral solution in Myvacet 9-08, and the suspension of phenobarbital proved to be bioequivalent to a tablet.

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