Role ofSLC22A1polymorphic variants in drug disposition, therapeutic responses, and drug-drug interactions

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The SCL22A1 gene encodes the broad selectivity transporter hOCT1. hOCT1 is expressed in most epithelial barriers thereby contributing to drug pharmacokinetics. It is also expressed in different drug target cells, including immune system cells and others. Thus, this membrane protein might also contribute to drug pharmacodynamics. Up to 1000 hOCT1 polymorphisms have been identified so far, although only a small fraction of those have been mechanistically studied. A paradigm in the field of drug transporter pharmacogenetics is the impact of hOCT1 gene variability on metformin clinical parameters, affecting area under the concentration-time curve, Cmax and responsiveness. However, hOCT1 also mediates the translocation of a variety of drugs used as anticancer, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic agents as well as drugs used in the treatment of neurological diseases among. This review focuses exclusively on those drugs for which some pharmacogenetic data are available, and aims at highlighting the need for further clinical research in this area.

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