The binding of BmK IT2 on mammal and insect sodium channels by surface plasmon resonance assay

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The binding of BmK IT2 to insect and mammal sodium channels was investigated by surface plasmon resonance technique. The results showed that BmK IT2 could bind not only to cockroach neuronal membranes but also to rat cerebrocortical and hippocampal synaptosomes with distinct affinity. The binding of BmK IT2 could be competed significantly by BmK AS and BmK abT, but not by AaH II, BmK I and veratridine. Furthermore, BmK αIV could partially inhibit the binding of BmK IT2 to rat cerebrocortical synaptosomes and cockroach neuronal membranes, but not to rat hippocampal synaptosomes. These results suggested that BmK IT2 had diverse binding properties on the mammal and insect sodium channels.

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