Targeting oncogenic transcription factors by polyphenols: A novel approach for cancer therapy

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Inflammation is one of the major causative factor of cancer and chronic inflammation is involved in all the major steps of cancer initiation, progression metastasis and drug resistance. The molecular mechanism of inflammation driven cancer is the complex interplay between oncogenic and tumor suppressive transcription factors which include FOXM1, NF-kB, STAT3, Wnt/β- Catenin, HIF-1α, NRF2, androgen and estrogen receptors. Several products derived from natural sources modulate the expression and activity of multiple transcription factors in various tumor models as evident from studies conducted in cell lines, pre-clinical models and clinical samples. Further combination of these natural products along with currently approved cancer therapies added an additional advantage and they considered as promising targets for prevention and treatment of inflammation and cancer. In this review we discuss the application of multi-targeting natural products by analyzing the literature and future directions for their plausible applications in drug discovery.Graphical abstract

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