Predisposition towards urolithiasis associated with the NQ01 null-allele

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The distribution of two alleles of the NQO1 gene encoding NADP(H):quinone oxidoreductase was studied in 140 urolithiasis patients and 271 control individuals. The minor allele encoding a protein lacking quinone reductase activity was significantly more frequent (q=0.214) among these patients than in control individuals (P=0.135) indicating an increased risk for kidney stone formation among heterozygotes (odds ratio 1.83, confidence interval 1.17-2.86) and homozygotes for the null-allele (odds ratio 2.97, confidence interval 0.78-11.33). Since NADP(H):quinone oxidoreductase is thought to participate in activation of vitamin K for protein γ -carboxylation, decreased activity of the enzyme in heterozygotes or in null-allele homozygotes may disturb the post-translational modification of urinary calcium-binding proteins protective against kidney stone formation. The NQO1 null-allele might therefore be a determinant in enhanced risk Of Urolithiasis.

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