Art. I. A comparative view of the state of Medical Science among the Ancients and Moderns, its revolutions in different periods of the world, and an enumeration of some of the errors which check its progress.
Art. II. New Division of Apoplexies.
Art. III. Cursory Remarks on Small-Pox, as it occurs subsequent to Vaccination.
Art. IV. State of Medicine in Spain after the expulsion of the Arabs.
Art. V. A Sketch of the History of Mineralogy.
Art. VI. Lecture on the State of the Blood-Vessels in Fevers.
Art. VII. Remarks on the application of the Cold Bath in the critical stage of Country and of Bilious Fever.
Art. VIII. Cases illustrating the virtues of Oleum Terebinthinœ in the cure of Puerperal Fever.
Art. IX. Cases of Bronchitis, with some Preliminary Remarks.
Art. X. Case of Inflammation of the Vessel from Venesection, which terminated fatally.
Art. XI. Essays on various Subjects connected with Midwifery.
Art. XII. An Exposition of the danger of Interment in Cities; illustrated by an account of the Funeral Rites and Customs of the Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, and primitive Christians; by ancient and modern ecclesiastical canons, civil statutes and municipal regulations; and by chemical and physical principles. Chiefly from the works of Vicq D'Azyr, of France, and Prof. Scipione Piattoli, of Modena; with additions.
Art. XIII. The Institutes and Practice of Surgery, being the outlines of a Course of Lectures.
Art. XIV. Eulogium commemorative of Jason O'B. Lawrance, M.D.
AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE. : The Varioloid Disease in the United States.