Art. I Remarks on the Epidemic Bilious Fever which prevailed in Louisville, Kentucky, and its vicinity, in the Summer and Autumn of 1821 and 1822.
Art. II. Remarks on the Stethoscope, in relation to Phthisis Pulmonalis.
Art. III An account of the Fever which prevailed in the American Squadron, and at Thompson's Island, 1823.
Art. IV. Memoir on Hydrocyanic Acid. Read before the Medical Society of Augusta, (Georgia) December 11, 1822.
Art. V. Description of a Small Muscle at the Internal Commissure of the Eyelids.
Art. VI. New Division of Apoplexies.
Art. VII. Anatomical Investigations.
Art. VIII. Synoptical View of the Principles which should, regulate the employment of Blood-Letting.
Art. IX. An Attempt to account for the origin of the belief in the “Uncommon Subtlety,” and “Fascinating Faculty,” generally ascribed to the Serpent.
Art. X. Letter from Robert Hare, M. D. Professor of Chemistry in the University of Pennsylvania, to B. Silliman, Professor of Chemistry in Yale College—on some improved forms of the Galvanic Deflagrator—on the superiority of its deflagrating power: also, an account of an improved Single Leaf Electrometer—of the combustion of Iron by a jet of Sulphur, in Vapour—and of an easy mode of imitating native Chalybeate Waters.
Art. XI. Practical Observations on Ergot.
Art. XII. A brief account of some Electro-magnectic and Galvanic Experiments.
Art. XIII. Observations on the Mortality of Philadelphia for 1823.
Art. XIV. Lithotomy Forceps.
Art. XV. A Case of Habitual Vomiting, depending on the pressure of a Scirrhous Tumour upon the Œsophagus; &c.
Art. XVI. Case of Poisoning with Opium successfully treated by Cold Affusions.
Art. XVII. Elements of Medical Jurisprudence.
Art. XVIII. Dissertations on Cynanche Trachealis, or Croup, and on the Functions of the extreme Capillary Vessels in health and disease—to which were awarded the Boylston Premiums for the years 1820 and 1823.
Art. XIX. Transactions of the Phrenological Society, instituted 22d February, 1820. With five engravings.
Elements of Phrenology.