Angiomatosis at the Saphenofemoral Junction

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To describe 12 patients with a vascular malformation found at the saphenofemoral junction during dissection of the inguinal region for surgery of varicose veins.


Retrospective study of cases found during the period from 1986 to 1991.


University Hospital of the Military School of Medicine, Bogota, Colombia.


Twelve patients, 11 unilateral and one bilateral, representing 0.5% of our total experience in surgery of varicose veins in 5 years.


Surgical resection of the angiomatous malformation.

Main outcome measures:

Clinical assessment of patients and histological examination of excised tissue.


The excised angiomatous tissue was found to contain irregular venous vessels, associated with lymphatic nodular structures and surrounded by adipose tissue. A satisfactory clinical outcome was obtained in patients where the angiomatous tissue could be excised.


Vascular surgeons treating varicose veins should be aware of the possibility of finding vascular angiomatous malformation of the saphenofemoral junction. Surgical resection of these benign lesions results in a satisfactory clinical outcome.

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