Day-case re-do varicose vein surgery

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To assess whether re-do varicose vein surgery as a day case is feasible and safe.


Data were collected retrospectively on 70 consecutive patients (77 legs) undergoing re-do sapheno-femoral or sapheno-popliteal ligation by consultant surgeons as day cases. Follow-up was by structured telephone interview.


The 70 patients comprised 53 females and 17 males. Median age and body mass index were 47.5 years and 27, respectively. All patients were ASA Grade I or II. Median operating time was 75 min (range 25–140). Of the 70 patients intended to be treated as day cases, four (5.7%) were admitted overnight. There were no were re-admissions nor did any patient develop deep vein thrombosis. Eleven per cent developed wound infection and 4% transient lymphatic leakage. Overall, 91% of patients were pleased with the initial surgical result but this decreased to 81% in the longer term. Eighty-nine per cent would have their surgery performed again as a day case.


Re-do sapheno-femoral or sapheno-popliteal can be performed safely as a day case.

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