Medial gastrocnemius vein aneurysm development after compressive trauma in the knee

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ObjectivesVenous aneurysms are uncommon. They can involve both superficial and deep venous systems. We hereby present a unique case of gastrocnemius venous aneurysm developed after compressive knee trauma.ReportA large venous aneurysm in the left popliteal fossa was detected by chance in a 44-year-old woman one month after a compressive trauma to the posterior surface of the knee. Magnetic resonance-imaging of the same knee had documented normal venous anatomy one year earlier. The venous aneurysm involved the medial gastrocnemius vein near its confluence in the popliteal vein and was surgically resected. Histopathology evidenced a true venous aneurysm. The patient was discharged under oral anticoagulation for three months. At one year follow-up, neither complications nor new venous aneurysm development was detected.ConclusionsAn accurate evaluation of the venous system is always mandatory after limb traumas which may lead to post-traumatic venous pseudo-aneurysms, as well as more rarely, true venous aneurysms in the lower extremities.

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