Short-term results of isolated phlebectomy with preservation of incompetent great saphenous vein (ASVAL procedure) in primary varicose veins disease

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ObjectiveTo establish an effect of isolated phlebectomy in patients with incompetent great saphenous vein (Ambulatory Selective Varices Ablation under Local anesthesia (ASVAL) procedure) on the reflux and diameter of the trunk and to assess recurrence rate of varicose veins at one year.Material and methodsWe conducted a prospective study on patients with primary varicose veins and with C2 or C2,3 or C2,3,4 or C2,4 classes of chronic venous disease and great saphenous vein incompetence. The study included 67 patients (51 women and 16 men; 75 limbs in total). Age varied from 17 to 71 years; mean age was 46.8 years (SD 13.9). We recorded the presence or absence of reflux in the great saphenous vein with duplex ultrasound before and after surgery. The recurrence of varicose veins was evaluated at 12 months. All the patients underwent isolated phlebectomy with preservation of incompetent great saphenous vein (ASVAL procedure) under local anesthesia.ResultsAt one year after removing of tributaries of the incompetent trunk, 66% of them were competent. Reflux persisted in 17% of great saphenous veins with reflux above mid-thigh and in 61% of trunks with reflux extended below the mid-thigh (p = 0.0004). The diameter of all the veins decreased significantly no matter reflux disappeared or not. Varicose veins reoccurred in 13.5% cases. In 6.5% of limbs with a reflux above the mid-thigh, the recurrence was registered at one year, while in the limbs with the reflux below the mid-thigh at a baseline, the recurrence rate was 25% (p = 0.036).ConclusionIsolated phlebectomy with a preservation of incompetent great saphenous vein leads to disappearance of reflux in a majority of cases and to significant decrease of vein diameter in all the cases. ASVAL procedure could be considered as a less aggressive and less expensive approach in selected cases. Clear indications for isolated phlebectomy need to be established.

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