Management of venous ulcers according to their anatomical relationship with varicose veins

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BackgroundAdequately excising varicose and incompetent perforating veins is necessary for reducing their recurrence rate of venous ulcer.MethodIn total, 66 venous ulcers (C6) in 1083 legs with primary varicose veins were managed through endoscopic-assisted surgery. In an endoscopic operative view, the nonvaricose, varicose, and incompetent perforating veins were clearly visualized and precisely dissected. The varicose and incompetent perforating veins were divided and completely excised.ResultThe varicose veins were traced to the base or periphery of the 55 ulcers. Moreover, 89.4% of the ulcers healed within 14 weeks. Kaplan–Meier analysis revealed a five-year recurrence rate of 0.0%, and the satisfaction mean score was 4.6.ConclusionEndoscopic-assisted surgery can be used to radically excise varicose veins complicated with venous ulcers; the surgery yields low recurrence and high satisfaction rates.

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