Customizing elastic pressure bandages for reuse to a predetermined, sub-bandage pressure: A randomized controlled trial

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A randomized clinical trial was performed to compare the effectiveness of unmarked bandages and customized bandages with visual markers in reproducing the desired sub-bandage pressure during self-bandaging by patients.


Ninety patients were randomly allocated to two groups (“customized bandages” and “unmarked bandages”) and asked to perform self-bandaging three times. The achievement of a pressure between 35 and 45 mmHg in at least two of the three attempts was defined as adequate quality.


Adequate quality was achieved by 33.0% when applying the unmarked bandages, and 60.0% when applying the customized bandages (p = 0.02). Use of the customized bandage and previous experience of bandaging were independent predictors for the achievement of the predetermined sub-bandage pressure (p = 0.005 and p = 0.021, respectively).


Customized bandages may achieve predetermined sub-bandage pressures more closely than standard, unmarked, compression bandages.

Clinical trials registration (NCT02729688). Effectiveness of a Pressure Indicator Guided and a Conventional Bandaging in Treatment of Venous Leg Ulcer.

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