Digital Phlebology
Risk Factors for Healing and Recurrence of Chronic Venous Leg Ulcers
Evaluation of Compression under an Elastic Tubular Bandage Utilised as an Introduction to Compression Therapy in the Treatment of Venous Leg Ulcers
Lack of Tourniquet Effect of Below-Knee Stockings
Changes in Metalloproteinase (MMP-1, MMP-2) Expression in the Proximal Region of the Varicose Saphenous Vein Wall in Young Subjects
Deep Vein Thrombosis Prophylaxis : Audit of Practice in General Surgical Patients in a Teaching Hospital
Limited Usefulness of Tests of Coagulation Defects for Predicting Symptomatic Pulmonary Embolism after an Initial Episode of Deep Vein Thrombosis
EMLA Anaesthetic Cream for Sharp Debridement of Venous Leg Ulcers : A Double-Masked, Placebo-Controlled Study
Surgical Management of Leg Ulcers Associated with Pulsatile Varicose Veins and Tricuspid Regurgitation
Annual Meeting of the Venous Forum of the Royal Society of Medicine, Chester, 13 October 2000