Photosynthetic characteristics of sun and shade leaves in the canopy of Arbutus unedo L. trees exposed to in situ long-term elevated CO2
Seasonal changes in photochemical efficiency in leaves of Halimium halimifolium, a mediterranean semideciduous shrub
Lipids in Photosynthesis : Structure, Function and Genetics
Changes in pigment composition and photosynthetic activity of aquatic fern (Azolla microphylla Kaulf.) exposed to low doses of UV-C (254 nm) radiation
Stomatal responses of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) leaves to changing irradiance, air humidity, and water potential of root medium
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Developmental and photosynthetic characteristics of a photoautotrophic Chrysanthemum culture
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The effect of CO2 enrichment on the growth of nodulated and non-nodulated isogenic types of soybean raised under two nitrogen concentrations
Perpetual adaptation in a perpetually changing environment as a survival strategy of plants : a case study in foraminifers concerning coral reef bleaching
Mapa potenciální přirozené vegetace České republiky
Comparative anatomical, morphological, and physiological parameters controlling photosynthesis in two Populus x euramericana clones during short-term osmotic treatment
A new approach to distinguishing photosynthetic types of plants. A case study in Northeast China Transect (NECT) platform
Gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence in symbiotic and non-symbiotic ryegrass under water stress
Leaf gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters in Phaseolus vulgaris as affected by nitrogen and phosphorus deficiency
Fyziologie Rostlin
Differences in field gas exchange and water relations between a C3 dicot (Plantago asiatica) and a C4 monocot (Eleusine indica)
Bibliography of reviews and methods of photosynthesis – 82