Low-dose UVA1 phototherapy for proximal and acral scleroderma in systemic sclerosis

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Previous studies report the benefit of UVA1 phototherapy in treating acrosclerosis in patients with systemic sclerosis. We carried out a retrospective study to examine the effectiveness of UVA1 phototherapy in scleroderma affecting acral and proximal sites in patients with this disease. Patients with systemic sclerosis (diffuse type, n=5; limited type, n=3) underwent low-dose UVA1 radiation (30–40 J/cm2) thrice weekly. In all patients skin lesions improved, demonstrated by a fall in the modified Rodnan skin score ranging from 8 to 18 points in diffuse systemic sclerosis and 6 to 10 points in limited disease. This study would suggest that UVA1 phototherapy is effective for scleroderma affecting proximal and acral sites in patients with systemic sclerosis.

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