Antimicrobial Activity of Volatile Components and Various Extracts of the Red AlgaJania rubens

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The methanol, dichloromethane, hexane, chloroform and volatile oil extracts of the red algaJania rubenswere testedin vitrofor their antimicrobial activity (five Gram-positive, four Gram-negative bacteria andCandida albicansATCC 10239). GC-MS analysis of the volatile components of J.rubensidentified 40 compounds which constituted 77.53% of the total. The volatile components of J.rubensconsisted of n-docosane (6.35%), n-eicosane (5.77%) and n-tetratriacontane (5.58%) as major components. The methanol and chloroform extracts (4 mg/disc) showed more potent antimicrobial activity than the hexane and dichloromethane extracts and the volatile oil of J.rubens.Copyright © 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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