Physical Therapy and the Global HIV/AIDS Pandemic
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Falling Down on the Job : Evaluation and Treatment of Fall Risk Among Older Adults With Upper Extremity Fragility Fractures
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Importance and Difficulties of Pursuing rTMS Research in Acute Stroke
Altered Sagittal- and Frontal-Plane Kinematics Following High-Intensity Stepping Training Versus Conventional Interventions in Subacute Stroke
Outcomes of Patients With Acute Low Back Pain Stratified by the STarT Back Screening Tool : Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Trial
Differences Between Women With Traumatic and Idiopathic Chronic Neck Pain and Women Without Neck Pain : Interrelationships Among Disability, Cognitive Deficits, and Central Sensitization
Application of a Value Model for the Prevention and Management of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain by Physical Therapists
Gross Motor Trajectories During the First Year of Life for Preterm Infants With Very Low Birth Weight
Effect of Biomechanical Constraints on Neural Control of Head Stability in Children With Moderate to Severe Cerebral Palsy
News From the Foundation for Physical Therapy
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