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Ca2+ channels in the node of Ranvier : new insights into modulation of nodal excitability
Vagal afferent dysfunction in obesity : cause or effect
Localised intracellular signalling in neurons
From synaptically localized to volume transmission by nitric oxide
Activation of Ca2+‐activated Cl− channel ANO1 by localized Ca2+ signals
Mechanisms and dynamics of AKAP79/150‐orchestrated multi‐protein signalling complexes in brain and peripheral nerve
Stimulation‐induced Ca2+ influx at nodes of Ranvier in mouse peripheral motor axons
Ischaemic concentrations of lactate increase TREK1 channel activity by interacting with a single histidine residue in the carboxy terminal domain
Genetic upregulation of BK channel activity normalizes multiple synaptic and circuit defects in a mouse model of fragile X syndrome
High fat diet attenuates glucose‐dependent facilitation of 5‐HT3‐mediated responses in rat gastric vagal afferents
Hydrogen peroxide modulates synaptic transmission in ventral horn neurons of the rat spinal cord
Aberrant regulation of synchronous network activity by the attention‐deficit/hyperactivity disorder‐associated human dopamine D4 receptor variant D4.7 in the prefrontal cortex
Recovery of visual functions in amblyopic animals following brief exposure to total darkness
Learning from the other limb's experience : sharing the ‘trained’ M1 representation of the motor sequence knowledge
Corticospinal axons make direct synaptic connections with spinal motoneurons innervating forearm muscles early during postnatal development in the rat
Ageing‐related changes in GABAergic inhibition in mouse auditory cortex, measured using in vitro flavoprotein autofluorescence imaging
Deficiency of GABAergic synaptic inhibition in the Kölliker–Fuse area underlies respiratory dysrhythmia in a mouse model of Rett syndrome