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Mother Nature versus Father Time
The paradox of the preterm fetus
Is the muscular tone of the internal anal sphincter a property of the syncytium?
Dietary restriction and aerobic exercise attenuate obesity‐induced lymphatic dysfunction
Is the ice bath finally melting? Cold water immersion is no greater than active recovery upon local and systemic inflammatory cellular stress in humans
High‐fat diet and fish oil affect adipocyte metabolism in a depot‐specific manner
Do changes in mitochondrial quality contribute to increases in skeletal muscle oxidative capacity following endurance training?
Characterizing the sympatholytic role of endothelial‐dependent vasodilator signalling during handgrip exercise
Sex, drugs and rock and roll
Binaural blood flow control by astrocytes
Role of astrocyte–synapse interactions in CNS disorders
Does rapid and physiological astrocyte–neuron signalling amplify epileptic activity?
Microglia across the lifespan
Bicarbonate‐rich fluid secretion predicted by a computational model of guinea‐pig pancreatic duct epithelium
High‐fat diet induces protein kinase A and G‐protein receptor kinase phosphorylation of β2‐adrenergic receptor and impairs cardiac adrenergic reserve in animal hearts
N‐Cadherin, a novel and rapidly remodelling site involved in vasoregulation of small cerebral arteries
Rapid frequency‐dependent changes in free mitochondrial calcium concentration in rat cardiac myocytes
ANO1 in intramuscular interstitial cells of Cajal plays a key role in the generation of slow waves and tone in the internal anal sphincter
Non‐chemosensitive parafacial neurons simultaneously regulate active expiration and airway patency under hypercapnia in rats
Effect of reproductive ageing on pregnant mouse uterus and cervix
Residual force enhancement is regulated by titin in skeletal and cardiac myofibrils
Four‐week cold acclimation in adult humans shifts uncoupling thermogenesis from skeletal muscles to brown adipose tissue
Effect of gravity and microgravity on intracranial pressure
The quantal catecholamine release from mouse chromaffin cells challenged with repeated ACh pulses is regulated by the mitochondrial Na+/Ca2+ exchanger
Loss of protohaem IX farnesyltransferase in mature dentate granule cells impairs short‐term facilitation at mossy fibre to CA3 pyramidal cell synapses
Gaze‐evoked nystagmus induced by alcohol intoxication
Rapid limb‐specific modulation of vestibular contributions to ankle muscle activity during locomotion
Vagal baroreflex latency in circulatory control
Reply from Dwain L. Eckberg and the Neurolab Autonomic Team