Issue Information
K+ channels and cardiac electrophysiology
Potassium channels in the heart : structure, function and regulation
Potassium currents in the heart : functional roles in repolarization, arrhythmia and therapeutics
Quantitative analysis of the Ca2+‐dependent regulation of delayed rectifier K+ current I Ks in rabbit ventricular myocytes
Boosting the reserves : additive regulation of cardiac repolarisation
Distinct subcellular mechanisms for the enhancement of the surface membrane expression of SK2 channel by its interacting proteins, α‐actinin2 and filamin A
Dynamical effects of calcium‐sensitive potassium currents on voltage and calcium alternans
From channels to systems : Ca2+‐sensitive K+ currents, alternans and cardiac arrhythmia
Differential roles of two delayed rectifier potassium currents in regulation of ventricular action potential duration and arrhythmia susceptibility
Size matters, proportion too : coupling of experiments and theory reveals relative roles of K+ channels in action potential stability
Molecular mechanisms of Slo2 K+ channel closure
A slick, slack pathway through the pore
Inwardly rectifying K+ channels are major contributors to flow‐induced vasodilatation in resistance arteries
Computational analysis of the human sinus node action potential : model development and effects of mutations