Phytochemistry and Medicinal Properties of Teucrium polium L. (Lamiaceae)
Pharmacological Properties of Guggulsterones, the Major Active Components of Gum Guggul
In vitro Inhibition of CYP3A4 by the Multiherbal Commercial Product Sambucus Force and its Main Constituents Echinacea purpurea and Sambucus nigra
The Effect of Baicalein on Hippocampal Neuronal Damage and Metalloproteinase Activity Following Transient Global Cerebral Ischaemia
Using Food to Reduce H. pylori -associated Inflammation
Reversal of Experimental Ethanol-induced Liver Steatosis by Borage Oil
Long-chain Alkanes and ent -Labdane-type Diterpenes from Gymnosperma glutinosum with Cytotoxic Activity Against the Murine Lymphoma L5178Y-R
Total Alkaloids of Sophorea alopecuroides -induced Down-regulation of AcrAB-ToLC Efflux Pump Reverses Susceptibility to Ciprofloxacin in Clinical Multidrug Resistant Escherichia coli isolates
Concentration Dependent Effect of (−)-Epicatechin on Na+/K+-ATPase and Ca2+-ATPase Inhibition Induced by Free Radicals in Hypertensive Patients: Comparison with L-ascorbic Acid
Safflower Seed Extract Inhibits Osteoclast Differentiation by Suppression of the p38 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase and IκB Kinase Activity
Antioxidant and Anti-α-glucosidase Compounds from the Rhizome of Peltiphyllum peltatum (Torr.) Engl
Extract of Fermented Brown Rice Induces Apoptosis of Human Colorectal Tumor Cells by Activating Mitochondrial Pathway
6-Gingerol Induces Apoptosis through Lysosomal-Mitochondrial Axis in Human Hepatoma G2 Cells
Schisandra chinensis Prevents Hepatic Lipid Peroxidation and Oxidative Stress in Rats Subjected to Heat Environmental Stress
Antiinflammatory Properties of Extracts and Compounds Isolated from Verbascum xanthophoeniceum Griseb
Quercetin Up-regulates LDL Receptor Expression in HepG2 Cells
Effects of Hypericum montbretti Extract on the Central Nervous System and Involvement of GABA (A)/Benzodiazepine Receptors in its Pharmacological Activity
Investigation of the Immunomodulatory Potential of Oryzanol Isolated from Crude Rice Bran Oil in Experimental Animal Models
Xanthohumol Induces Different Cytotoxicity and Apoptotic Pathways in Malignant and Normal Astrocytes
Inhibitory Effects of Key Compounds Isolated from Corni fructus on BACE1 Activity
A Randomized, Pilot Study to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of Curcumin in Patients with Active Rheumatoid Arthritis
Modulation of Hepatic Drug Metabolizing Enzymes by Dietary Doses of Thymoquinone in Female New Zealand White Rabbits
Oleuropein, Chief Constituent of Olive Leaf Extract, Prevents the Development of Morphine Antinociceptive Tolerance through Inhibition of Morphine-induced L-type Calcium Channel Overexpression
Neuroprotective Effect of Vitamin E Isoforms Against Chronic Alcohol-induced Peripheral Neurotoxicity: Possible Involvement of Oxidative-Nitrodative Stress
Quercetin, Quercetin Glycosides and Taxifolin Differ in their Ability to Induce AhR Activation and CYP1A1 Expression in HepG2 Cells
Effects and Action Mechanisms of Korean Pear ( Pyrus pyrifolia cv. Shingo ) on Alcohol Detoxification
Antioxidant/Antibacterial Activities of a Topical Phytopharmaceutical Formulation Containing a Standardized Extract of Baccharis incarum , an Extremophile Plant Species from Argentine Puna
Are Mould Hepatotoxins Responsible for Kava Hepatotoxicity?