Antimicrobial drug suspensions: a blinded comparison of taste of twelve common pediatric drugs including cefixime, cefpodoxime, cefprozil and loracarbef

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We conducted a blinded taste test evaluating 12 antimicrobial suspensions by smell, texture, taste, aftertaste and overall acceptance. Drugs received cumulative scores in each category as well as a total score ranking. Overall Lorabid® scored highest but not significantly higher than Keflex®, Suprax® and Ceclor®, all of which scored higher than the other test drugs. Cefzil® and Augmentin® scored just below this group of drugs and higher than all other test drugs. Vantin® was inferior to these drugs primarily because of its low score in aftertaste. It was ranked along with V-Cillin-K®, Veetids®, Sulfatrim® and Pediazole®, the lowest scoring group of drugs other than Dynapen® which scored lower than all other test drugs. No difference overall was detected between the two penicillin VK suspensions evaluated, V-Cillin-K® and Veetids®.

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