Immunogenicity and Safety of a 3- and 4-dose Vaccination Series of a Meningococcal ACWY Conjugate Vaccine in Infants: Results of a Phase 3b, Randomized, Open-label Trial

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The quadrivalent meningococcal glycoconjugate vaccine MenACWY-CRM is licensed for children from 2 months of age as a 4-dose series. This study assessed the immunogenicity of a 3-dose MenACWY-CRM vaccination series in infants, compared with the 4-dose series, and evaluated the impact of MenACWY-CRM concomitant administration on immune responses to the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV13).


Overall, 751 healthy infants (age: 55–89 days) were randomized to receive 3 or 4 doses of MenACWY-CRM (2/4/12 or 2/4/6/12 months of age, respectively) with PCV13 + routine vaccinations (ACWY3 and ACWY4 groups, respectively) or PCV13 + routine vaccinations only (routine group). Immunological noninferiority of the 3-dose versus 4-dose MenACWY-CRM vaccination series was evaluated at 13 months of age for serogroups CWY; noninferiority of immune responses to PCV13 serotypes for concomitant administration of MenACWY-CRM and PCV13 was evaluated at 7 and 13 months of age.


At 13 months, 88%–100% of subjects in groups ACWY3 and ACWY4 achieved seroprotective bactericidal antibody titers against serogroups ACWY; noninferiority criteria for the 3-dose versus 4-dose MenACWY-CRM vaccination series were met. At 7 months, noninferiority criteria were met for all PCV13 serotypes except for serotypes 3 and 5 (group ACWY3) and 19A (group ACWY4). At 13 months, noninferiority criteria were met for all PCV13 serotypes for both ACWY groups.


After completion of either MenACWY-CRM vaccination series, most subjects achieved seroprotective titers against serogroups ACWY, with the 3-dose series being noninferior to the 4-dose series for serogroups CWY, and no interference with immune responses against PCV13 serotypes was observed (NCT01214837).

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