Comparison of Bacterial Culture Results Obtained from Nasopharyngeal and Midturbinate Swabs in Children With Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms

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Paired nasopharynx and midturbinate swabs were obtained from 96 children (mean age: 2.45 years) with upper respiratory tract symptoms. Of these, 38.5% were colonized with Streptococcus pneumoniae only, 16.7% with Haemophilus influenzae only and 9.4% with both bacteria. Bacterial cultures from paired nasopharynx and midturbinate swabs demonstrated agreement for S. pneumoniae (κ = 0.75), H. influenzae (κ = 0.59) and for both pathogens (κ = 0.62). This report compares the results of bacterial cultures obtained from the nasopharynx and midturbinate specimens in children with upper respiratory tract infections.

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