Melatonin protects against gastric ulceration and increases the efficacy of ranitidine and omeprazole in reducing gastric damage
Potentiation of antiproliferative effects of tamoxifen and ethanol on mouse hepatoma cells by melatonin
Melatonin potentiates 5-HT1A receptor activation in rat hypothalamus and results in hypothermia
Melatonin's unique radical scavenging properties – roles of its functional substituents as revealed by a comparison with its structural analogs
Physiological concentrations of melatonin inhibit the nitridergic pathway in the Syrian hamster retina
The effects of melatonin on Ca2+ homeostasis in endothelial cells
Neuroprotection by melatonin against ischemic neuronal injury associated with modulation of DNA damage and repair in the rat following a transient cerebral ischemia
Acute modifications in the levels of daytime melatonin do not influence leptin in postmenopausal women
Role of CSF in the transport of melatonin