Melatonin decreases nitric oxide production and lipid peroxidation and increases interleukin-1 beta in the brain of mice infected by the Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus
Ventricular cerebrospinal fluid melatonin concentrations investigated with an endoscopic technique
Increased melatonin concentrations in children with growth hormone deficiency
Melatonin inhibits maneb-induced aggregation of α-synuclein in rat pheochromocytoma cells
Inhibition of proliferation and induction of apoptosis by melatonin in human myeloid HL-60 cells
Long-term morphological and functional evaluation of the neuroprotective effects of post-ischemic treatment with melatonin in rats
Melatonin promotes adventitious- and lateral root regeneration in etiolated hypocotyls of Lupinus albus L.
Effect of melatonin on the oxidative stress in erythrocytes of healthy young and elderly subjects*
Melatonin attenuates disruption of serum cholesterol status in rats with a single α-naphthylisothiocyanate treatment
Melatonin reduces mortality and oxidatively mediated hepatic and renal damage due to diquat treatment
Antiproliferative effects of melatonin on the growth of rat pituitary prolactin-secreting tumor cells in vitro
Melatonin increases stress fibers and focal adhesions in MDCK cells
Signaling mechanisms of melatonin in antiproliferation of hormone-refractory 22Rv1 human prostate cancer cells
Melatonin is more effective than taurine and 5-hydroxytryptophan against hyperglycemia-induced kidney-cortex tubules injurya
Safety considerations for the use of blue-light blocking glasses in shift-workers