Seasonal dynamics of phytoplankton in two warm temperate reservoirs: association of taxonomic composition with temperature
Vertical distribution of decapod larvae in the entrance of an equatorward facing bay of central Chile: implications for transport
Spatio-temporal distribution and production of calanoid copepods in the central Baltic Sea
Pronounced ecophysiological clonal differences of two common freshwater ciliates, Coleps spetai (Prostomatida) and Rimostrombidium lacustris (Oligotrichida), challenge the morphospecies concept
The spatial and temporal dynamics of deep chlorophyll layers in high-mountain lakes: effects of nutrients, grazing and herbivore nutrient recycling as growth determinants
Growth and development of Neocalanus flemingeri/plumchrus in the northern Gulf of Alaska: validation of the artificial-cohort method in cold waters
Protoceratium reticulatum in northern Japan: environmental factors associated with seasonal occurrence and related contamination of yessotoxin in scallops
Respiration in Aquatic Ecosystems