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Breast cancer surgery and concomitant breast reconstruction are beginning to be politically sensitive issues . . . finally, We are now hearing remarks such as, “Did you know that more women have died from breast cancer in the last 10 years than all the men who died in World Wars I and II?” Women's groups are beginning to attempt to raise the consciousness of the general population, and women in particular, to the options that are available to all women undergoing surgery for breast diseases.

In the August 15, 1993 issue of “The New York Times Magazine,” the cover picture depicts an artist/activist who has become committed to this very issue; on the cover she is shown with her mastectomy scar displayed by the cut of her dress. The article by Susan Ferraro is titled, “You Can't Look Away Anymore: The Anguished Politics of Breast Cancer.” The lay press article is recommended reading as it addresses the issues most often hidden by the current political climate.

In this Journal Club, we need to reassert that we, as women and as plastic surgery nurses, have never looked away. However, we must continue to be as knowledgeable and informed as possible for all our sakes. Therefore, we begin with this discussion centered on conventional and free TRAM flaps.

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