A Recipe for Improved Nonsurgical Cosmetic Outcomes: Know Your Herbs and Spices

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The nonsurgical cosmetic arena continues to grow, with more people consistently seeking minimally invasive procedures for facial rejuvenation. However, although these prospective patients are not seeking surgical correction to obtain their results, there is still the potential for nonsurgical procedures to yield adverse events posttreatment. Patients often do not realize that their dietary regimens may affect their nonsurgical cosmetic outcomes. For example, many patients desiring these types of treatments are often found to be taking prescription medications, herbs, and spices on a daily basis that may have the capacity to potentiate adverse outcomes such as bleeding and/or bruising. For these reasons, it is important for clinicians to be inclusive while taking health histories and to properly educate their patients so that administered treatments have the best chance of yielding the desired results. The focus of this article is to provide health care providers information on many of the herbs and spices that have the potential to negatively impact nonsurgical cosmetic outcomes.

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