Absorption Capacity of Wound Dressings: A Comparative Experimental Study

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In this study, absorption capacity of the most commonly used types of wound dressings was measured with an objective, quantifiable, and easily reproducible method. The use of objective measurements allowed us to perform an objective comparison of the capacity of the different types of dressings. An experimental study was performed, in which the absorptive capacity of polyurethane foams, alginate, hidrofiber, and hydrocolloid dressings was measured by using a methodology designed by the researchers. Polyurethane foams showed a higher absorption capacity than hidrofibers, alginates, and hydrocolloids when using a similar surface of dressing. A modification of dressing size after saturation was also observed, increasing its size in the case of foams and decreasing or maintaining it in the case of hidrofibers, alginates, and hydrocolloids. The results of this study show a better wound exudate management for polyurethane foams. However, when deciding which dressing to use for a specific wound, absorption capacity is not the only quality that should be taken into account, as other properties should also be considered.

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