Study About the Efficacy of an Aerosol Plastic Dressing in Wound Prevention After Compressive Adhesive Dressing Application in Plastic Surgery Procedures

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The use of compressive adhesive bandages is widely extended in the field of plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery, and the apparition of skin damage after its removal is a relatively frequent complication. The aim of this study was to evaluate the capacity of an aerosol plastic dressing for protecting the skin from the apparition of damage caused by adhesive dressings. A prospective, randomized, simple-blind study was performed, evaluating skin damage incidence after removal of adhesive compressive bandages in 80 subjects. The patients carried for 48 hr an adhesive compressive dressing on their abdomen placed over a layer of an aerosol plastic dressing and another bandage placed directly over the skin. A statistically significant decrease in skin damage incidence was observed in areas in which the aerosol plastic dressing was applied as a layer between the adhesive dressing and the skin. Furthermore, a reduction in symptoms associated with the use of these adhesive dressings was found. The results of this study support the use of aerosol plastic dressings as a barrier for skin protection in patients in whom an adhesive compressive dressing is applied to reduce the incidence of skin damage.

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