Arabidopsis Plasma Membrane Proteomics Identifies Components of Transport, Signal Transduction and Membrane Trafficking
Radial Expansion of Root Cells and Elongation of Root Hairs of Arabidopsis thaliana Induced by Massive Doses of Gamma Irradiation
Local Induction of the alc Gene Switch in Transgenic Tobacco Plants by Acetaldehyde
Induction of PR-1 Accumulation Accompanied by Runaway Cell Death in the lsd1 Mutant of Arabidopsis is Dependent on Glutathione Levels but Independent of the Redox State of Glutathione
Two Distinct Redox Signaling Pathways for Cytosolic APX Induction under Photooxidative Stress
Photoinhibition of Photosystem I at Chilling Temperature and Subsequent Recovery in Arabidopsis thaliana
Developmental Expression of Three Mungbean Hsc70s and Substrate-binding Specificity of the Encoded Proteins
A Systematic Search for RNA Editing Sites in Pea Chloroplasts: an Editing Event Causes Diversification from the Evolutionarily Conserved Amino Acid Sequence
Inhibition of Proteasome by MG-132 Treatment Causes Extra Phragmoplast Formation and Cortical Microtubule Disorganization during M/G1 Transition in Synchronized Tobacco Cells
Identification of Chloroplast Signal Recognition Particle RNA Genes
Biochemical Background and Compartmentalized Functions of Cytosolic Glutamine Synthetase for Active Ammonium Assimilation in Rice Roots
DNA Interference: a Simple and Efficient Gene-Silencing System for High-Throughput Functional Analysis in the Fern Adiantum
Isolation of Putative Glycoprotein Gene from Early Somatic Embryo of Carrot and its Possible Involvement in Somatic Embryo Development
Pn-AMP1, a Plant Defense Protein, Induces Actin Depolarization in Yeasts
Cadmium Toxicity Induced Changes in Nitrogen Management in Lycopersicon esculentum Leading to a Metabolic Safeguard Through an Amino Acid Storage Strategy
Comparative Studies on the Arabidopsis Aldehyde Oxidase (AAO) Gene Family Revealed a Major Role of AAO3 in ABA Biosynthesis in Seeds
A Mechanosensitive Anion Channel in Arabidopsis thaliana Mesophyll Cells
The Blue Light-Specific Response of Vicia faba Stomata Acclimates to Growth Environment
Ectopic Expression of the NtSET1 Histone Methyltransferase Inhibits Cell Expansion, and Affects Cell Division and Differentiation in Tobacco Plants
Molecular and Biochemical Characterization of Three WD-Repeat-Domain-containing Inositol Polyphosphate 5-Phosphatases in Arabidopsis thaliana