Functional and Structural Characterization of a Flavonoid Glucoside 1,6-Glucosyltransferase from Catharanthus roseus
d14, a Strigolactone-Insensitive Mutant of Rice, Shows an Accelerated Outgrowth of Tillers
Four Orchid (Oncidium Gower Ramsey) AP1/AGL9-like MADS Box Genes Show Novel Expression Patterns and Cause Different Effects on Floral Transition and Formation in Arabidopsis thaliana
A Synechocystis Homolog of SipA Protein, Ssl3451, Enhances the Activity of the Histidine Kinase Hik33
Differential Gene Expression Profiles of the Mitochondrial Respiratory Components in Illuminated Arabidopsis Leaves
Regulation of HSD1 in Seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana
Survey of Rice Proteins Interacting With OsFCA and OsFY Proteins Which Are Homologous to the Arabidopsis Flowering Time Proteins, FCA and FY
Dynamic Bridges—A Calponin-Domain Kinesin From Rice Links Actin Filaments and Microtubules in Both Cycling and Non-Cycling Cells
Light-Dependent and Light-Independent Protochlorophyllide Oxidoreductases in the Chromatically Adapting Cyanobacterium Fremyella diplosiphon UTEX 481
Physiological Regulation of Coccolith Polysaccharide Production by Phosphate Availability in the Coccolithophorid Emiliania huxleyi
Overexpression of BiP has Inhibitory Effects on the Accumulation of Seed Storage Proteins in Endosperm Cells of Rice
Functional Analysis of FT and TFL1 Orthologs from Orchid (Oncidium Gower Ramsey) that Regulate the Vegetative to Reproductive Transition
Pollen-Specific SKP1-Like Proteins are Components of Functional SCF Complexes and Essential for Lily Pollen Tube Elongation
A Novel Carotenoid Derivative, Lutein 3-Acetate, Accumulates in Senescent Leaves of Rice