PCP Editorial News and Updates in 2017
Letter to the Editor : Bud Position and Carbohydrate Play a More Significant Role than Light Condition in the Developmental Transition between Rhizome Buds and Aerial Shoot Buds of Oryza longistaminata
Letter to the Editor : Author Response - Analysis of Rhizome Development in Oryza longistaminata, a Wild Rice Species
Metabolic Balance and its Outcome : Deficiency of Vitamin B9 and Sucrose Supply Ectopically Induces Starch Synthesis in Etioplasts
Latest Advances in Plant Development and Environmental Response : The Inaugural Cold Spring Harbor Asia Plant Biology Meeting in Japan
The Use of Grafting to Study Systemic Signaling in Plants
Capturing Environmental Plant Memories in DNA, with a Little Help from Chromatin
Mechanisms and Strategies Shaping Plant Peptide Hormones
Control of Plant Water Use by ABA Induction of Senescence and Dormancy : An Overlooked Lesson from Evolution
Plastidial Folate Prevents Starch Biosynthesis Triggered by Sugar Influx into Non-Photosynthetic Plastids of Arabidopsis
Sucrose and Starch Content Negatively Correlates with PSII Maximum Quantum Efficiency in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Exposed to Abnormal Light/Dark Cycles and Continuous Light
The ARM Domain of ARMADILLO-REPEAT KINESIN 1 is Not Required for Microtubule Catastrophe But Can Negatively Regulate NIMA-RELATED KINASE 6 in Arabidopsis thaliana
ROS Induces Anthocyanin Production Via Late Biosynthetic Genes and Anthocyanin Deficiency Confers the Hypersensitivity to ROS-Generating Stresses in Arabidopsis
Dormancy-Associated MADS-Box (DAM) and the Abscisic Acid Pathway Regulate Pear Endodormancy Through a Feedback Mechanism
Regulation of Gene Expression in the Remobilization of Carbon Reserves in Rice Stems During Grain Filling
Proteomic Analysis of Calcium Effects on Soybean Root Tip under Flooding and Drought Stresses
Cloning and Characterization of Cheilanthifoline and Stylopine Synthase Genes from Chelidonium majus