Third International Workshop on Desiccation Tolerance and Sensitivity of Seeds and Vegetative Plant Tissues
Longevity of dry Myrothamnus flabellifolius in simulated field conditions
Some physiological comparisons between the resurrection grass, Eragrostis nindensis, and the related desiccation-sensitive species, E. curvula
ABA-induced tolerance to ion leakage during rehydration following desiccation in the moss Atrichum androgynum
Molecular characterization of XVT8, a stress-responsive gene from the resurrection plant Xerophyta viscosa Baker
Patterns of desiccation tolerance and recovery in bryophytes
Exaggeration of desiccation stress by heavy metal pollution in Tortula ruralis
Relationships between benzyladenine uptake, endogenous free IAA levels and peroxidase activities during upright shoot induction of Cymbidium ensifoilum cv. Yuh Hwa rhizomes in vitro
Pea responses to saline stress is affected by the source of nitrogen nutrition (ammonium or nitrate)
The importance of ethanolic fermentation for primary root growth of germinating rice under anoxia
Influence of root restriction and ethylene exposure on apicaldominance of petunia (Petunia x hybrida Hort. Vilm.-Andr.)
Central and Eastern European Agriculture in an Expanding European Union
Biotechnology of Food Crops in Developing Countries
The Cambridge Illustrated Glossary of Botanical Terms