ISPMB News 6th International Congress of Plant Molecular Biology, Quebec City, June 2000
New ISPMB Board Members Elected
Isolation of Functional RNA from Periderm Tissue of Potato Tubers and Sweet Potato Storage Roots
Rapid High Quality RNA Preparation from Pine Seedlings
EcoR II is an Unreliable Enzyme for Studies of CpNpG Methylation in shape Arabidopsis thaliana
Detection of Single Nucleotide Variations in Viral RNA Populations by Primer Extension
Rapid Assessment of Primer Combinations and Recovery of AFLP™ Products using Ethidium Bromide Staining
DNA Isolation and AFLP™ Genetic Fingerprinting of shape Theobroma cacao (L.)
A New Method for Rapid Extraction of High Quality RNA from Recalcitrant Tissues of Grapevine
Comparative Analysis of Different DNA Extraction Protocols: A Fast, Universal Maxi-Preparation of High Quality Plant DNA for Genetic Evaluation and Phylogenetic Studies
A Method for Isolation of Total RNA from Fruit Tissues of Banana
A Protocol for Nonradioactive Differential Display Tested on Carrot Auxin-Resistant Mutants
A Simple Method for Isolating DNA of High Yield and Quality from Cotton (shape Gossypium hirsutum L.) Leaves
A Rapid DNA Extraction Method for RFLP and PCR Analysis from a Single Dry Seed
A Simple and Rapid Procedure for Isolation of Total DNA Suitable for Fingerprint Analysis from shape Amaranthus
Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in India
ISPMB 1998 Membership form
Instructions for Authors / Checklist / Appendix