European Plant Science Organization
Detection of exogenous genes in genetically modified plants with multiplex polymerase chain reaction
Detection of single sequence repeat polymorphisms in denaturing polyacrylamide sequencing gels by silver staining
Phosphomannose isomerase: A versatile selectable marker for Arabidopsis thaliana germ-line transformation
Identification of DNA sequences flanking T-DNA insertions by PCR-walking
Rapid detection of viruses, transgenes, and mRNAs in small plant leaf samples
An improved enzyme-linked immunoabsorbent assay protocol for the detection of small lytic peptides in transgenic grapevines ( Vitis vinifera )
DNA extraction from plants: The use of pectinase
Efficient preparation of maritime pine ( Pinus pinaster ) protoplasts suitable for transgene expression analysis
One-step isolation of plant DNA suitable for PCR amplification
A method of subtraction hybridization mediated by oligo(dT) particles
Isolation of active DNA-binding nuclear proteins from tomato galls induced by root-knot nematodes
Stable genetic transformation of cotton plants using polybrene-spermidine treatment
A rapid and efficient DNA minipreparation suitable for screening transgenic plants
The purification and spectral properties of polyphenol oxidase I from Nicotiana tabacum
Efficient transformation of the medicinal mushroom Ganoderma lucidum
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