Irreproducibility of the soybean pollen-tube pathway transformation procedure
Dehydrating immature embryo split apices and rehydrating with Agrobacterium tumefaciens : A new method for genetically transforming recalcitrant sunflower
Comparison of relative RT-PCR and northern blot analyses to measure expression of β-1,3-glucanase in Nicotiana benthamiana infected with Colltotrichum destructivum
Characterization of petB and petD genes of the Populus deltoides chloroplast psbB operon
RAPD markers in diversity detection and variety identification of Tibetan hulless barley
DNA isolation from forest soil suitable for PCR assays of fungal and plant rRNA genes
Recovery and sequence validation of the histological signal following in situ RT-PCR localization of plant gene transcripts
Purification of plastid DNA from an enriched rhodoplast fraction of the red alga Gracilaria tenuistipitata
An improved method for isolating RNA from dehydrated and nondehydrated chili pepper ( Capsicum annuum L.) plant tissues
DNA isolation from dry and fresh samples of polysaccharide-rich plants
RNA isolation from highly viscous samples rich in polyphenols and polysaccharides
Seminested PCR for the detection and analysis of flue-cured tobacco ( Nicotiana tabacum ) expressing a chitinase transgene
Enhancer-trapping system for somatic embryogenesis in carrot
Preparing high-quality DNA from moss ( Physcomitrella patens )
High-throughput DNA extraction from forest trees
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