2nd International Symposium on Phosphorus Dynamics in the Soil-Plant Continuum
Assessment of P availability in heavily fertilized soils using the diffusive gradient in thin films (DGT) technique
Improving phosphorus availability in two upland soils of Vietnam using shape Tithonia diversifolia H.
Mobility, solubility and lability of fluid and granular forms of P fertiliser in calcareous and non-calcareous soils under laboratory conditions
Increasing phosphorus supply in subsurface soil in northern Australia : Rationale for deep placement and the effects with various crops
Rhizoeconomics : Carbon costs of phosphorus acquisition
Combining a modelling with a genetic approach in establishing associations between genetic and physiological effects in relation to phosphorus uptake
Variation in phosphorus efficiency among 73 bread and durum wheat genotypes grown in a phosphorus-deficient calcareous soil
Evaluation of phosphorus starvation inducible genes relating to efficient phosphorus utilization in rice
Phosphorus cycling in rainfed lowland rice ecosystems on sandy soils
Assessment of phosphorus leaching losses from arable land
Water table fluctuations and groundwater supply are important in preventing phosphate-eutrophication in sulphate-rich fens : Consequences for wetland restoration
Effect of pH on Na induced Ca deficiency
Effects of water stress and high nocturnal temperature on photosynthesis and nitrogen level of a perennial grass Leymus chinensis
Iodine toxicity in a plant-solution system with and without humic acid
Sulfur and nitrogen fertility affects flavour of field-grown onions
Effects of sample post harvest treatment on aerobic decomposition and anaerobic in-vitro digestion of tropical legumes with contrasting quality
Effect of ectomycorrhizal fungi on nitrogen mineralisation and the growth of Scots pine seedlings in natural peat
How does nitrogen availability alter rhizodeposition in Lolium multiflorum Lam. during vegetative growth?
Non-phototrophic CO 2 fixation by soil microorganisms
Contribution of plants to N 2 O emissions in soil-winter wheat ecosystem : Pot and field experiments
Experimental study of solute transport and extraction by a single root in soil
Heavy metal uptake by arbuscular mycorrhizas of Elsholtzia splendens and the potential for phytoremediation of contaminated soil
Transgenic alfalfa secretes a fungal endochitinase protein to the rhizosphere
Mg induced Ca deficiency under alkaline conditions
Use of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to predict nitrogen uptake by winter wheat within fields with high variability in organic matter
Riparian roots through time, space and disturbance
Boron and salinity effects on grafted and non-grafted melon plants
Senna siamea trees recycle Ca from a Ca-rich subsoil and increase the topsoil pH in agroforestry systems in the West African derived savanna zone
A methodology for measuring drainage and nitrate leaching in unevenly irrigated vegetable crops
Early effects of phenolic compounds, extracted from two forest litters, on ammonium uptake and assimilation in Pinus laricio and Pinus pinaster seedlings
Nitrogen redistribution from the roots in post-anthesis plants of spring wheat
Effects of NO 3 deficiency and NaCl stress on suberin deposition in rhizo- and hypodermal (RHCW) and endodermal cell walls (ECW) of castor bean (Ricinus communis L.) roots
Is soil carbon mostly root carbon? Mechanisms for a specific stabilisation
Characterisation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonisation in cluster roots of shape Hakea verrucosa F. Muell (Proteaceae), and its effect on growth and nutrient acquisition in ultramafic soil
Selenium concentration in wheat grain : Is there sufficient genotypic variation to use in breeding?