Malate enhances recovery from aluminum-caused inhibition of root elongation in wheat
Iron plaque outside roots affects selenite uptake by rice seedlings (Oryza sativa L.) grown in solution culture
Effects of arbuscular mycorrhiza and phosphorus application on arsenic toxicity in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and on the transformation of arsenic in the rhizosphere
Elicitation of systemic resistance and growth promotion of Arabidopsis thaliana by PGPRs from Nicotiana glauca : A study of the putative induction pathway
Synchrotron X-ray absorption-edge computed microtomography imaging of thallium compartmentalization in Iberis intermedia
Cadmium induces premature xylogenesis in barley roots
Symbiotic N2 fixation by soybean in organic and conventional cropping systems estimated by 15N dilution and 15N natural abundance
The behaviour of EDDHA isomers in soils as influenced by soil properties
Silicon-mediated changes of some physiological and enzymatic parameters symptomatic for oxidative stress in spinach and tomato grown in sodic-B toxic soil
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Effects of post-harvest regulated deficit irrigation on carbohydrate and nitrogen partitioning, yield quality and vegetative growth of peach trees
Water relations and stomatal characteristics of Mediterranean plants with different growth forms and leaf habits : Responses to water stress and recovery
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Phytoremediation of Pb contaminated soil with polymer-coated EDTA
Effects of the inoculation of cyanobacteria on the microstructure and the structural stability of a tropical soil
Boron translocation in coffee trees
Water relations and adaptations to increasing water deficit in three perennial legumes, Medicago sativa, Dorycnium hirsutum and Dorycnium rectum
NH4 + triggers the synthesis and release of biological nitrification inhibition compounds in Brachiaria humidicola roots
A method for assessing arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi group distribution in tree roots by intergenic transcribed sequence variation
Increase in pH stimulates mineralization of ‘native’ organic carbon and nitrogen in naturally salt-affected sandy soils
Mycorrhizal responsiveness of aerobic rice genotypes is negatively correlated with their zinc uptake when nonmycorrhizal
Root exudate components change litter decomposition in a simulated rhizosphere depending on temperature
Compensation among root classes in Phaseolus vulgaris L.
Leaf-applied sodium chloride promotes cadmium accumulation in durum wheat grain
Dynamics in microbial immobilization and transformations of phosphorus in highly weathered subtropical soil following organic amendments
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