Processes, mechanisms and utilization of organic soils
Histosol as an ecologically active constituent of peatland
Carbon budget of oligotrophic mire sites in the Southern Taiga of Western Siberia
Distribution patterns of selected PAHs in bulk peat and corresponding humic acids from a Swiss ombrotrophic bog profile
Soil humic compounds and microbial communities in six spruce forests as function of parent material, slope aspect and stand age
Effects of different nitrogen forms on the growth and cytokinin content in xylem sap of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) seedlings
Nostoc cyanobacterial inoculation in South African agricultural soils enhances soil structure, fertility, and maize growth
Elemental 2-D mapping and changes in leaf iron and chlorophyll in response to iron re-supply in iron-deficient GF 677 peach-almond hybrid
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Improving NaCl resistance of red-osier dogwood
The ionic effects of NaCl on physiology and gene expression in rice genotypes differing in salt tolerance
A comparison of fine root distribution and water consumption of mature Caragana korshinkii Kom grown in two soils in a semiarid region, China
The invasive Sorghum halepense harbors endophytic N2-fixing bacteria and alters soil biogeochemistry
Thirty-seven years of soil nitrogen and phosphorus fertility management shapes the structure and function of the soil microbial community in a Brown Chernozem
Ectomycorrhizal communities of Quercus garryana are similar on serpentine and nonserpentine soils
Effects of nitrogen mineralization on paddy rice yield under low nitrogen input conditions in irrigated rice-based multiple cropping with intensive cropping of vegetables in southwest China
Carbon and nitrogen accumulation and microbial activity in Mount St. Helens pyroclastic substrates after 25 years
Root desiccation and drought stress responses of bareroot Quercus rubra seedlings treated with a hydrophilic polymer root dip
Salt tolerance and avoidance mechanisms at germination of annual pasture legumes
Use of a layered double hydroxide (LDH) to buffer nitrate in soil
Inhibition of net nitrification activity in a Mediterranean woodland
Facilitated legume nodulation, phosphate uptake and nitrogen transfer by arbuscular inoculation in an upland rice and mung bean intercropping system
Spatial distribution of maize roots by complete 3D soil monolith sampling
Using branch and basal trunk sap flow measurements to estimate whole-plant water capacitance