Developmental expression and biochemical analysis of the Arabidopsis atao1 gene encoding an H2O2-generating diamine oxidase

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A copper amine oxidase encoding gene, atao1, has been isolated and characterized from Arabidopsis thaliana. Sequence analysis reveals that atao1 encodes a 668 amino acid polypeptide (ATAO1) with 48% identity to copper amine oxidases from pea and lentil. The promoter region of atao1 was transcriptionally fused with the reporter genes encoding β-glucuronidase and modified green fluorescent protein. Analysis of transgenic Arabidopsis together with in situ hybridization of wild-type plants reveals temporally and spatially discrete patterns of gene expression in lateral root cap cells, vascular tissue of roots, developing leaves, the hypocotyl, and in the style/stigmatal tissue. Enzyme activity assays show that ATAO1 preferentially oxidizes the aliphatic diamine putrescine with production of the corresponding aldehyde, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, a recognized plant signal molecule and substrate for peroxidases. Histochemical analysis reveals that atao1 expression in developing tracheary elements precedes and overlaps with lignification and therefore is a good marker for vascular development. In both vascular tissue and the root cap, atao1 expression occurs in cells destined to undergo programmed cell death.

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