A chromosomal paracentric inversion associated with T-DNA integration in Arabidopsis

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T-DNA integration in the nuclear plant genome may lead to rearrangements of the plant target site. Here we present evidence for a chromosomal inversion of 26 cM bordered by two T-DNAs in direct orientation, which is linked to the mgoun2 mutation. The integration sites of the T-DNAs map at positions 80 and 106 of chromosome I and we show that each T-DNA is bordered by plant sequences from positions 80 and 106, respectively. Although the T-DNAs are physically distant, they are genetically closely linked. In addition, three markers located on the chromosome segment between the two T-DNA integration sites show no recombination with the mgo2 mutation. We show that the inversion cannot be a consequence of a recombination event between the two T-DNAs, but that the integration of the T-DNAs and the inversion were two temporally linked events. T-DNA integration mechanisms that could have led to this inversion are discussed.

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