Construct Validation of the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test—Revised: A Structural Equation Model of the Acquisition Order of Words

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An historicodevelopmental model of the acquisition order of words was applied to 175 words composing the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test—Revised (PPVT–R; Form L). Results of a structural equation model, estimated using LISREL 7, demonstrated that the combination of date of entry, word length, polysemy, and frequency of usage accounted for a substantial proportion of the variance in acquisition order as defined by the item ordering in the PPVT–R (R2 = .62). On the basis of goodness-of-fit indices, this model fits the data well (GFI = .924, NFI = .952, CFI = .976, IFI = .977), suggesting that the model presented provides a tenable explanation of variables underlying the acquisition order of words. This structural equation model provides further evidence for construct validity of the PPVT–R.

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