A Variable Response Inconsistency Scale and a True Response Inconsistency Scale for the Jesness Inventory

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Inconsistent item pair Variable Response Inconsistency (J–VRIN) and True Response Inconsistency (J–TRIN) scales were developed for the Jesness Inventory using 250 male and 250 female delinquents, ages 14–18, to detect the random and acquiescent sets. J–VRIN utility was assessed by comparing protocols of 262 male delinquents, ages 14–18, screened for probable randomness with matched-pair Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory—Adolescent, with 500 all and part random computer-generated protocols. J–TRIN utility was assessed by comparing these protocols with 500 simulated acquiescent and nonacquiescent protocols. Specificities above .90 showed sensitivities up to .89 for J–VRIN and .85 and .62 for J–TRIN. Predictive power and overall effectiveness are reported for base rates of .20, .10, .067, and .05. Scales' relations to gender, race, age, and verbal fluency were investigated using an overlapping sample of 1,085 male and 356 female delinquents. Verbal fluency was the most salient.

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