Utility of the WAIS–R Seven-Subtest Short Form as Applied to the Standardization Sample

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Summary scores from the full Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale—Revised (WAIS–R; D. Wechsler, 1981) and the 7-subtest abbreviated form of the WAIS–R were examined across age and education levels in the standardization sample. Full scale IQ (FSIQ) scores demonstrated the highest comparability between forms, followed by verbal IQ (VIQ) and then performance IQ (PIQ) scores. In comparison with FSIQ and VIQ, correlations between the test versions were consistently lower for PIQ. Lower reliability was found among education groups and tests that included subtests that demonstrated greater variability. Age grouping did not impact the alternative forms reliability. The findings support the use of the 7-subtest short form of the WAIS–R primarily for VIQ and FSIQ summary scores with the additional caution that results from abbreviated scores result in reduced reliability and a larger standard error of measure.

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