Short Forms of the Wechsler Memory Scale—Revised: Cross-Validation and Derivation of a Two-Subtest Form

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J. L. Woodard and B. N. Axelrod (1995) and B. N. Axelrod, S. H. Putnam, J. L. Woodard, and K. M. Adams (1996) have presented formulas for estimating the Wechsler Memory Scale—Revised General Memory and Delayed Recall Indexes using the initial and delayed portions of only 3 subtests. The original work found nearly perfect estimates. The present study indicated excellent cross-validation for the original formulas with correlations of .99. Over 85% of the estimated scores were within 6 points of the actual score. Using estimates from only 2 subtests rather than 3, correlations were only slightly lower with 85% of the estimated scores within 10 points of the actual scores. Age, education, diagnosis, and IQ had no effects on the accuracy of these equations. Although the initial 3 test formulas are robust, the results suggest that using only 2 subtests results in higher estimation errors, which can be used when less accurate estimates are acceptable (such as in group research).

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